Queen Moda lace dresses go to Dubai

Queen Moda lace dresses go to Dubai

Queen Moda lace dresses have been selected among the best Italian clothing brands to participate in an initiative promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai.

Great news for our brand

Here we go again with some wonderful news to share with you. 

A few months ago, in the midst of the international lockdown due to Covid-19, when work seemed to be at a premium due to the closure of physical stores, we decided to apply to participate in a program sponsored by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai to internationalize our Positano luxury beachwear brand. 

We did not think that our application would be accepted. Competition was fierce and fierce, now more than ever. Because of Covid-19, many companies and artisan workshops have decided to bet everything on foreign sales.

Long story, short... it is with pride that we would like to inform you that starting from May 2021 we will have a showroom in the heart of Dubai. 

Why is having a representative office in Dubai crucial for the beachwear and resort wear sectors?

One of the seven United Arab Emirates overlooking the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a futuristic oasis surrounded by desert. A new fashion Mecca, this city represents the largest market share in the retail sector. It is no coincidence that the Middle East has always been fascinated by fashion, luxury and Made in Italy craftsmanship.

In short, Dubai is a global epicenter of the retail system aimed at the whole world but also the vibrant heart of the new digital fashion phenomena to intercept new customers, millennials and influencers from all over the Middle East region. And there's more: this city is one of the most popular tourist destinations visited by digital nomads and the most well-known fashion influencers around the world.

Why are we so thrilled about this brand-new adventure?

With experience in selling luxury resort wear all over the world, we have already been working for some time with several buyers in the United Arab Emirates. Being able to touch by hand, taking the time to see and appreciate our Made in Italy lace and cotton women's wear collections will bring to a whole new level the buying experience.

Which Queen Moda resort wear collection will you find in Dubai?

The Italian Trade Agency of Dubai will make available to wholesalers and distributors a platform on which it will be possible to view part of our products.

The collections that we will bring to Dubai are those of 2021 and 2022.

Do you have particular needs? If you don't find what you are looking for in the lookbook, and you would like a specific item which is not available in the collection or if you want to make changes to an existing product, just contact us.

Being a small Made in Italy resort wear workshop located in the very heart of Positano, our seamstresses will be able to meet and satisfy all the needs of our customers. 

How long does International shipping takes? 

It all depends on the volume of the order and the period in which you want the delivery to take place. Generally, production runs from 2 weeks to a month while delivery takes about 5-7 business days. 

Is it possible to re-order? How long does it take to restock?

Of course, restocking is possible at any time of the year in the desired quantities, sizes and colors.

We look forward to traveling soon and meeting our customers in Dubai. Maria and Ilaria will be in Dubai's office in June (if Covid-19 will allow them to travel there). Make sure to book an appointment to come to see our new 2022 luxury resort wear collection.