Positano, 1987

It was 1987 in Positano.
A colorful expanse of villas caressed by the sun rest on the steep slope of Positano overlooking a crystal-clear sea.
In this picturesque corner of paradise kissed by the gods, Maria Gentile and Lucia Casola, two seamstresses with a fervent creative spirit, created Queen Moda.

Natural Fabrics

Between authentic tradition and sophisticated modernity, Queen Moda luxury beachwear is the result of skilful stylistic research inspired by the oldest and most sought-after textile fibers in the world: linen and cotton. Natural, precious and fresh fabrics Made in Italy by expert local craftswomen.

Made in Italy

Unique and chic Made in Italy clothing, embellished with refined lace and embroidery in the wake of the most authentic resortwear tradition of the Amalfi Coast. For over 30 years, Maria and Lucia have delighted us by creating and starting around the world international trends with the most typical colors of this breath-taking Italian region: the yellow of the lemons trees, the turquoise of the sea, the soft blue of the summer sky.

"Over the years, with passion and dedication, at Queen Moda, we have managed to pass down the enthusiasm of Made in Italy clothing and Positano style luxury beachwear to our husbands, children and grandchildren to impart the incredible craftsmanship and know-how of resortwear clothes."

Each of our staff plays an active and irreplaceable role and contributes to our success and to that of Made in Italy clothing.
It is thanks to a precisely synchronized teamwork at every stage of production that we can guarantee to our amazing customers the excellent workmanship of our garments.

Our Know-How

Handmade with natural and sustainable fabrics, the passion and the attention to detail in the choice of fabrics, cuts, finishes makes each of our garments a jewel of tailoring and Made in Italy clothing.

Our 30-year know-how combine with the trend inspired by the typical Positano luxury beachwear which we reinterpreted in a bohemian and ethno-chic fashion.

Made in Positano

Unlike many other companies that have decided to outsource, at Queen Moda we still strongly believe in the power of craftsmanship of Made in Italy clothing. In our laboratory, the expert hands of our tailors make every day ready-to-wear masterpieces.
Riding the furrow of the romantic Positano style, we are committed to offering our stunning customers a glamourous luxury beachwear clothing with new amazing colors, exclusive natural fabrics, unique prints, precious lace dresses that represent the best of our land.

Our Added Value

Made in Italy sustainable clothing
made with natural fabrics

sartorial experience

The uniqueness
of handmade garments


America, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, the Middle East... We have spread the beautiful Positano style clothing around the world with dedication and passion.

Our Collections

Traditional and boho-fusion collections
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